Vibroplate Hire

With a Vibroplate hire you utilise your whole body for a solid vibration training work out which raises your metabolism just like any other form of exercise. As your muscles use more fuel and get stronger, you’ll have more energy. An increased metabolism also increases your weight loss potential in addition to helping your body burn fat more efficiently.

Using a vibration plate has been linked to benefits in some of the most important health aspects of our lives.

Just a few of the benefits researchers for vibroplate hire users have reported include:

Losing weight and keeping off small amounts
Decreasing your stress
Improving circulation
Increasing flexibility and better balance
Developing stronger bones
Having healthier-looking skin
Feeling joint and back pain relief
Experiencing relief from disease pain and motor function impairments

Simply standing on the machine causes your muscles to involuntary contract. Higher levels increase the intensity of the vibrations and transfers the vibrations to the muscles causing them to tone and strengthen. Combine that with doing exercises on the plate, involuntary contracting the muscles and you have a powerful workout.

The Vibroplate vibrations also increase circulation and increase bone density.

We provide workout training cards and instruction manual showing you what positions/exercises to do

By selecting different vibration levels your muscles will contract and release many times per second at different rates. By repeating this process your body adjusts to the level of effort required resulting in an increase in physical performance. Just a few short sessions are enough to make a difference.  to help you get the results you want.


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